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Re: RS2 Engine and 6 speed tranny for sale

Ratios?  You want ratios?  Courtesy of Steve Mills' research:

     90-91     90Q             20V
 Coupe      Sedan          S4                S2/RS2?

1st 3.55:1      3.55:1      3.500:1            3.5:1
2nd 2.11:1      2.11:1      1.889:1           1.89:1
3rd 1.43:1      1.30:1      1.231:1            1.32:1
4th 1.03:1      0.94:1      0.933:1            1.03:1
5th 0.84:1      0.77:1      0.730:1            0.86:1
6th    NA        NA            NA                  0.73:1

For reference, my ersatz S2 with it's stock CQ trans turns 3900rpm at 80mph.
Treadway's ersatz S2 with the factory 6-speed turns 3200rpm at 80mph.
Interesting to note that the S4 5-speed has the same top ratio as the
6-speed.  The S4 gearbox would be a good upgrade for an ersatz car.

Note that the 016 gearbox of the ur/5000/200 lineage is not interchangeable
with the 01A/01E family of gearboxes of the 90/CQ/S4-6 ilk.

Brandon Hull

>Oooh, that's purty. Anyone know the ratio's?
>> FYI and FWIW, Blau has some 6-speed trannies avail.  Don't know the
>> details, but call 'em...