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120K service on a 93 V8 4.2/oil pressure gauge

Hey folks, I was coming up on my 120K service interval and since this is
the first 60K service interval I will have seen with this car, I was
curious if anyone thought I would ask your opinion on naything else to look
for.  I was looking on the Blau website and noticed they recommend about
$900 worth of parts and fluids which obviously include the timing and
serpentine belts as well as the water pump.  Then another 5-6 hours of
labor on top of that?  Say it isn't so?  Hey, didn't John Karasaki note his
own experience of somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 for the service?
John, your thoughts? Did you change the crankcase gaskets at the same time?

Also, I'm still getting the oil pressure gauge dancing madly at idle and
then jumping and off the map with any gas applied.  Is it the gauge or the
small sending unit.  Any advice?

93 V8 4.2(118K)