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RE: RS2 Injectors & fault code

My price on these 993 units is $72/each.  Strangely enough, I may have found
some Mustang GT injectors which flow at 445 cc/min at 20#...still
researching this.  The other problem is the amount of resistance on the
nozzles.  The 200's nozzles run 15 - 17 ohms of resistance, while most other
nozzles run 3 - 4 ohms (not sure what the S4/S6 nozzles are rated at).  I'm
trying to get more information on these mustang units which may work, as
well as the real RS2 nozzles through Hoppen.


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> Thanks. I was only able to find the 993 606 120 00 through my
> many contacts,
> and they are pricey. Glad I didn't buy. Let me know what you come up with.