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RE: Fuel injector recall - V6

I've just called Audi of North America and the answer was "There is no
recall on fuel injectors"
Now what?

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> Subject:	Re: Fuel injector recall - V6
> Marc Winston wrote:
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> > Hi,
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> > What exactly is the problem with the fuel injector?
> Supposedly some seal might fail and leak fuel onto the engine.
> > My V6 seems to ponder before picking up speed occasionally on
> acceleration, is
> > this the problem.
> Unrelated to the recall.  Auto or manual transmission?  Have you checked
> oxygen sensors?  Filters?
> > I have heard nothing here in the UK about any recall.
> They were supposed to start notifying us in mid-February but they've
> been putting it off--I think that they're trying to narrow it down a bit
> more so that they don't have to replace 223200 fuel injectors!  When I
> called up Audi of America recently it sounded like the person I talked
> to was reading from a script...I guess a number of people have called up
> about that.  Incidentally she didn't show my car ('93 90) as having this
> recall apply to it, but she did say that details are still coming down
> on this one.
> So basically don't hold your breath, but if your engine catches on fire
> they'll probably foot the bill :)
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