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RE: New type turbo in SCC

<<BTW, it seems that devices like these appear (and then subsequently
disappear!) every few years ... I remember seeing ads offering an
powered "turbocharger" when I was in high school and that was 20 years

I once had an incomplete "Turbonique" to study.  This thing was designed to
(pressurize) a 4bbl carb and appeared to be circa mid-60's.

What made it interesting was that it had a spark plug and a fuel intake set
 into what
appeared to be a small cast iron combustion chamber... all similar to a
gasoline heater
(for you VW and Corvair guys out there).

It appeared that the intent was for the escaping combustion pressure to
turn a turbo-like
turbine/compressor assembly allowing the user to engage/disengage the
unlike any of the other systems of the day which ran continously.

Very strange.  Never seen or heard of one since.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI