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Re: Wanted: final word on door handles!

>Not sure everyone will agree with me, but for the $$, I would pull
>them all and put in new ones.  Be sure to swap the locking mechanisms
>in the fronts so they still match the ignition.

I was thinking exactly the same thing for my 84 4kq.  My wife hates it and
wants me to get rid of it because the basic function of a door is to open,
and my rear doors don't (or rather, I'm the only one in the family who can
open them.)  I pointed out that the other basic function of a door is to
stay closed, so the doors are really only failing to do half their job.

Do you think it only needs new handles, or would new door latch mechanisms
also help the problem?  Anyone know of a place to buy new handles and latch
mechanisms other than the dealer ($$$ is right!) and how much should I
expect to pay?  I got a handle from Shokan once years ago and had no
problems, but in retrospect, I don't know if it was new or used.

Jack Rich
90 V8Q
88 Corvette convertible
84 4kq waiting for summer for the rear doors to work again