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Dual fuel pumps, was: Re: C'mon, man-help!

AFAIK, the two pump systems were in most VW injection models from about
'84 onwards, certainly all Sciroccos/Golf Cabrios from this period on,
and I think MKII golfs.  I think it coincided with the introduction of
the 1.8 injection engine in the VW range.
The main pump was a bog-standard bosch used in most k-jet applications
and there was a pump in the lifter assembly, in the tank, presumably to
reduce the workload on the main pump.  
Certainly this is the setup my '85 Scirocco has.

Ewan Hopkins.

Date:	Wed, 10 Mar 1999 10:55:44 GMT
From:	quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne)
Subject:	Re: C'mon, man-help!

In message <B0000547947@EXCHANGE.COMPUTERAID> Ewan Hopkins writes:
> If the fuel supply system is anything like the VW setup, you might
> a lifter pump in the tank as well as an external pump.

I wish someone would tell me what model of VW uses two pumps.  We've had
random assertions that both Audis and VWs use two pumps, but I've never
found such a system in a car.
BTW - what the H@LL is part # 8D0 998 098 for ("Installation kit for
anti-rodent system, A4Q") and how does it work?

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