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RE: Fuel injector recall - V6

Catalytic converter????? They did not tell me something about !!
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> Sent:	Wednesday, March 10, 1999 12:30 PM
> To:	Gatlan Dan D
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> Subject:	Re: Fuel injector recall - V6
> Gatlan Dan D wrote:
> > 
> > The person I've talked to gave me his name took my name and check the
> > and told me I can have my driver airbag grounded but "There is no recall
> on
> > fuel injectors". So, I'm waiting to get...some fumes !
> > Thanks,
> > Dan
> Yea, this makes more sense then...that's basically what they told me. 
> The person I was talking to was reading from a script, so I guess
> they've been hearing this a lot.  She did confirm that the other recalls
> (the airbag and catalytic converter) had been taken care of...but the
> fuel injector recall didn't apply to my car..."at least not yet."  So
> there's still hope...?
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> Elliott
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