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Re: Should I buy a 87 5000 cs turbo


The 87 5k is a great car if you fix your car yourself(DIY).  It has many
problems with the tranny and the 3 speed is not exactly the best made
transmission in the world.  The "speical" oil does help, but I still don't
trust it.  Your in the hole $1500 or so if it does go.  You would be better
off in buying a Quattro, instead.

Jason C
Audi 200t10v
Redmond WA
Home of the guy who is stealing info from your WIN98

In a message dated 3/9/99 5:26:14 PM Pacific Standard Time, frank@lbpinc.com

<< Hi;
 I am a newbe.  I have a chance to buy a 87 5000CS turbo Auto sedan.
 I know how it handles (and I like it)  My question is how reliable is it?
 Is this a good year, model, transmission, turbo ETC.  My point of reference
 for how reliable a car should be is a string of Golfs and Rabbits and 4
 Peugeots.  OK go easy on the Peugeots, either you love them or you hate
 them. (the Peugeots were less trouble then the Golfs)
 Frank  >>