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86' 5KS Water Pump

>From: "david golda" <djgolda@hotmail.com>
>Subject: 86' 5KS Water Pump
>To make a long story as short as possible.  I had a cooling problem I 
>thought was the thermostat.  Changed it.  After replacing and testing I 
>found a leak coming from the front of the block.  I assumed it to be the 
>water pump.  Took the timing belt covers off etc.  Replaced the water 
>pump and hooked everything back together.  I left covers off just in 
>case there was a problem.  The car turned over once but that was it.  
>Didn't want to start after that.  I found a pool of oil under the car.  
>Did I screw something up or did I just forget to tighten something/put 
>something back.  I don't remember doing anything even remotely 
>associated with the lubrication system.  Any ideas would be helpul.  

Exactly the same problem I had with the water pump on my 86 5Ks - when I
did the engine swap back in October of 96, I had the local Audi guru change
the pump and belt - I didn't know much about it then, or I would have done
this myself.

Anyway, the "expert" didn't do such a hot job of cleaning the face of the
block under the water pump, and it started leaking.

As it turns out, to R&R the pump, the timing belt usually has to be taken
off (generally by removing the cam sproket), and can easily be put back on
incorrectly, which is why it didn't start for you.

The puddle of oil is because one of the bolts that hold the covers on
(lower right, I think) goes into an oil passage, and with the bolt missing,
the oil leaks mightily.

Check your cam timing, and put the cover bolts back in.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman