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Re: C'mon, man-help!

At 10:55 AM 3/10/99 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <B0000547947@EXCHANGE.COMPUTERAID> Ewan Hopkins writes:
>> If the fuel supply system is anything like the VW setup, you might have
>> a lifter pump in the tank as well as an external pump.
>I wish someone would tell me what model of VW uses two pumps.  We've
>had random assertions that both Audis and VWs use two pumps, but I've
>never found such a system in a car.

one week ago today i confirmed in a personal email to you that my 86 jetta
gli (rd motor) has an in-tank pre-pump.
i replaced both pumps myself <2 years ago.
i still have the old ones to prove it.
the fuel supply chapter in my bentley manual (for 85-87 golf/jetta) makes
numerous references to the care and feeding of the transfer pump.
there are photos and illustrations that show the in-tank transfer pump in
the 8v, 16v and (turbo)diesel(!!) models.
is this still a random assertion or do you have to see it to believe it?