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RE: New type turbo in SCC

Years ago there was a Florida company called Turbonique(sp?). As I remember,
they had self powered turbos that were actuated at full throttle and fueled
by LOX and hydrogen stored in the trunk. Their catalog also listed some
trunk mounted jet engines with pictures at the drag strip.   Is anyone else
on this list old enough to remember?


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>1) if it doesn't use the exhaust gas, it ain't a turbo, it's a supercharger

At the risk of being pedantic, a turbocharger *is* a supercharger.  Of
not all superchargers are turbos...

>2) if it's compressing the intake charge, then you have a heat problem.  by


BTW, it seems that devices like these appear (and then subsequently
disappear!) every few years ... I remember seeing ads offering an
powered "turbocharger" when I was in high school and that was 20 years ago.