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How to Lower a Audi 200???(was Re: Damn the suspension on Audi 200t10vFWD!)

Thank you guys for the info.  Once again, you guys help me out of a bad
situation.  Turns out the guy was a total fake and has never seen an Audi in
his shop b4.  

Now I am faced with this problem.  How do you lower an Audi 200 FWD by myself?
I have borrowed the spring compressor and a few wrenches from a friend and
want do it myself.  Anyone know how this works.  I don't want to take the
entire assembly out, cuz that is going to be a pain in the ass.  Any
suggestions?  Thanks in advance, and thanks again for the previous

Jason C.
Audi 200t10v slushbox.  - Giving to Girlfriend.
Redmond WA
Home of the person who steals money from you