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Re: Boost guage for Passat/A4 1.8T

> What's a boost gauge for, really?  I mean apart from any diagnostic
> value when there's a problem, why install one permanently?

duuuude, for impressing the chicks!

seriously, you are partially right but I would like to readily know what kind
of boost the system is running at any given time as a proactive diagnostic -
know if I should be looking for leaking vacuum lines or cracks in intercooler
hose or bad wastegate rod or some other situation.  also would be nice to
monitor boost changes from diff. tanks of gas, as i notice power changes when
i get bad octane, and i would like to see the diff boost behaviour from my
stock and aftermarket ECU chips. OK OK so its mostly for the coolness factor,
but at least i'm man enough to admit it...

- JC