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Re: New type turbo in SCC

>Years ago there was a Florida company called Turbonique(sp?). As I
>they had self powered turbos that were actuated at full throttle and fueled
>by LOX and hydrogen stored in the trunk. Their catalog also listed some
>trunk mounted jet engines with pictures at the drag strip.   Is anyone else
>on this list old enough to remember?

Don't remember this particular company, but I do remember Nitrous Oxide
injection systems that kicked in at full throttle.  They were all the rage
(well, to those few who really cared) when I was in High School.  At one
point I remember seeing a Nitrous Injection Kit, minus the tank of Nitrous,
shrink wrapped at a SuperShop or some such outlet.  Had a manifold that went
between carburetor and intake manifold, the steel covered lines and some
nozzles and solenoids and wires.  Something like 200-300 dollars.

At this point most of you are likely puzzling: What's a carburetor? <g>

Seems like Nitrous would be safer and easier than LOX and H2.

Maybe I should be looking for a non-turbo 5kq and put a Nitrous system into
it and call it the Turbo Eater?


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA