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Re: A four ringed mouse trap

My guess would be a noise maker that peeps at a rate the human ear can't
hear but is supposed to iritate the rodents.

At 03:36 PM 3/10/99 +0000, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <36E68575.D1BE5A18@redrose.net> "Ralph L. Cook" writes:
>> I have a 90 V8 Q and I live in the deep woods in Pennsylvania. I have
>> found evidence of rodents living in the sound dampening blanket under
>> the hood of my car when the weather is cold. I actually had acorns come
>> out during hood opening one day.  Is the anti rodent device simply a
>> cover over an air intake or is it something that actually harms the
>> little *#$^@ buggers?
>It's an active system, fused at 10 amps.  Exactly how it works is
>impossible to say from the parts microfiche.  The 'controller' looks
>like a traditional-style ignition coil, so there's hope.
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