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Re: What year did TOR$EN start in US cars?

Lewis, Gary M wrote:
> Hi folks,
> What year did the TORSEN diff start?  I thought it was 1991, I was just told
> that it was 1989.  If it was 1989, was it ALL 1989 or just the MAC-14 (late)
> 1989.  I need to know in the next hour if possible.
> thanks,
> Gary


I was just reading the owners manuals for the 87 5000TQ and 89 200TQ.
In the 87 5000TQ manual it does not mention the Torsen system at all. 
In the 89 200TQ manual it mentions it and describes how it works.  So I
assume it started in 89.  My car is the early 89 200 Single Knock

Pat Korach 
Kirkland, WA