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Re: Those noisy valve lifters

Is the procedure for changing hydraulic valve lifters simple?:
ie/ remove cam and slide old ones out/ new ones in?

My heads been seriosly noisy since I got the car (12k ago) even 
when warmed up. My mechanic heard the car as I drove it into his 
yard and said it'll have solid lifters and ignore the noise - But the 
cars late '85 and should have had hydralic lifters (though the prev 
owner had a cam belt break.) Is there a way of telling if the head 
has solid/hydraulic lifters? Wouldn't I get different oil presures w s 
lifters - Mine are 'normal' 1.5 @ idle and 5+ @ 2000 rpm. 

And do u think I should just do this DIY job even though there's a v. 
small amount of smoke on gear change- (guides?) and is the best 
thing to replace the hydralic lifters with second hand parts - since 
I've heard the VW parts are 30 gbp each!

BTW my cars an 1800 4cylinder


Ed Shiers

85 80 sport, 220k