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Re: Speeding Tips was:VW Sport Icwewaterfest

DFAUTOHAUS@aol.com wrote:
> Any legal beagles out there got a good defence precedent for a radar ticket
> while passing a tractor trailer???? Seems to me it's hard for the officer to
> get a good read, but I don't know what the right buttons are to push while in
> court.

You should have an excellent chance of beating that ticket if you arm
yourself with the proper information. Go to:
and get their legal defense kit. This will give you all you need to know
to fight the ticket in court and prove that radar tends to focus on the
larger of two objects. Invaluable. I recommend membership as well.
I personally still advise using a lawyer as I've been railroaded in
traffic court already only because I'm not hip on court procedure. One
ticket in particular I could have beat as the wrong license number was
recorded but, well, let's not go into it....
"Life is too short to drive boring cars."

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