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Re: aluminium cleaning

Samir Shah wrote:
> As some of you may be aware, both bays of my garage are occupied by cars
> with dismantled engine compartments - the 635 is getting a head gasket,
> and the new Audi is getting all rubber in the engine compartment
> replaced while being serviced/debugged.
> So, while its all apart, I'd like to freshen up the aluminium parts -
> intake manifolds, BMW head, valve cover, etc.
> What products/chemicals have you guys/gals in the concours set found
> that will brighten up the aluminium, without destroying all the rubber
> in the vicinity? So far, I've tried cleaning with Simple Green, a wire
> brush, brake cleaner, but no luck - the aluminium just does not sparkle!
> All help appreciated. Thanks. Samir.

I've used carb cleaner on the head and it looks great. But the front
timing chain cover is not coming out very well. I will bead blast it
tomorrow. Sometimes that works. My problem is that Alu will eventually
oxidize and lose it's shine. I may try using Alu spray paint.

Good luck