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re: Wood Treatment

>Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 15:15:03 -0800
>From: David Lola <djl@alanex.com>
>Subject: Wood Treatment
>Any good suggestions on what to use for maintaining the wood in our
>Audi's?  Will Pledge
>some type of wood oil suffice?
>David Lola
>'99 2.8 A4Q

If this is similar to the glassy-smooth "wood" trim as we have in older
Audis, you really don't _have_ wood to maintain. You have to deal with the
thick, plastic resin finish, which covers (obscures, IMHO) a beautiful
wood-grain surface below it :(.

Mainly avoid scratching, or cracking the finish--dust gently with a
(slightly damp, if possible) cloth, and, if needed, clean with a mild
cleaner--probably the manual gives suggestions. But there's no need (or
benefit) for traditional wood maintenance such as rubbing in tung or
linseed oil, etc.

Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
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