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RE: Modified S4

John said,

> yup.  on the cheap side for any kind of S4.  maybe on the other hand it's
> the
> best bargain going...
> Geoff Jenkins wrote:
> > Does anyone else feel that $17k is an almost suspiciously low price for
> a
> > '93 with the full RS2/Lehmann treatment, even if it does have 106k on
> it?
I think due to the popularity of the newer models, the older stuff is coming
down in price.  I've seen 2 93 S4's with the RS2 treatment here in LA for
$18,000.  Look at the comments of our leader.  Will buy an A4 Avant instead
of the 91tqw...  I think this reflects the buying habits of most 'normies',
and probably a good deal of 'listers' as well.  I expect the S6 Avants in a
few years will come down as well (I think they are somewhat already), now
that Audi is offering what I'm guessing is the fullest line of Avants ever.

All that being said, this is good news for a lister like me.  I went this
weekend to the Audi dealer, and I didn't see a car that I thought was much
nicer than an S4.  So I can buy serious performance for about half (or less)
of what a new car is.

Gary Lewis 
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