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Re: Suspension teminology clarification

Yep, the Control Arm (or Wishbone in the UK) is the 'A -frame'. 
Baffled me too when I joined the list. The track and tie rods are the 
steering components.

Ed Shiers

you said 
Many on the list have referred to the "control arm" for front
suspension repairs. What exactly are you referring to? I describe the
front parts as 1) lower A-frame & bushings  2) lower ball joint  3)
Strut spring & cartridge 4) strut top bearing 5) steering tie rod &
rod end joint 6) sway bar with 4 mounts & bushings 7) sub frame
bushings. Is the steering arm the control arm? Is the "L control arm"
the "lower" control arm? If so, is that the lower "A- frame"? Thanks
to every one for the advice so far. I will post findings as I figure
it out.