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I'm not saying that I would recommend a VR6 transplant, but a VR6 GTI 
is definitely faster than an 2.8 A4.  I have a VR6 Passat that is faster 
than an 2.8 A4.

Is the VR6 heavier than the Audi 2.8?  I doubt it.

Mike Sylvester

94 100CS Q
86 5KCS TQ
84 4KS Q
96 Passat VR6	  wife's

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> Sent:	Thursday, March 11, 1999 5:06 PM
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>     Why would you want a VR6 motor in your audi?  2.8 A4q's can keep up
> with GTI VR6's despite their big weight difference.  Why not get a 2.8
> 30v or even the new v6 turbo or even a 4.2 V8 motor for all the stuff
> you will have to do to make it fit.  The vr6 is heavy and will make your
> car understeer more.  A 20v turbo has a lot more power than the vr6 and
> pretty much bolts in.  For the money you'd save buying a vr6, you'd
> probably spend getting it to fit.
>     Kennedy Engineering Products (they do a lot of air cooled vw adapter
> plates) could probably make you an adapter plate and flywheel.
>                                                                 Jay
> 4kqt