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RE: Anybody have the Timing Belt Tool?

It would be nice if someone could take a picture of the location of the hole
for this tranny bolt method and put it on a web server.  I could not find it
on my ' 89 90q.  I ended up buying a prybar set and using one inserted into
the teeth of the flywheel through the timing check hole.  It worked OK but
the whole time I was cranking on the torque wrench I was thinking what if it
slips, what if the bellhousing cracks, etc.

My .02 USD
chris perry

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> > Looking to borrow/rent the timing belt tool to hold the crank in place
> > while removing the bolt. Had one and lost it...... :(
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> > P.S.S. I'm not looking for every other way to take the bolt off, have
> used the
> > tool before, the job is big enough with it, without it, it is very
> > frustrating!
> I think it's totally easy with the tranny bolt method.  Makes the tool a
> waste 
> of money, IMO.
> Ken