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1986 4KCSQ Is For Sale


Our 225,000 mile, white with gray / black interior 1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro
is for sale in Hyannis, Massachusetts.The car needs some work done with the
flywheel ($1000 max).  The same six teeth have been missing for over a year
yet the car still starts every time. No lighter and and antenna yet the
radio / tape deck works even with a cracked radio display (I got angry on
the way to a funeral.)   The rear door handles are not working from the
outside either.  Has new tires, rotars, pads, calipers, struts, alternator,
fuel pump, cv joints, arm bushings, 2 front axles, hood cord, starter, spark
plugs, radiator core, 2 1/2 year old wheel bearings and at least 4 year old
still working great clutch as well.  Interior is gray and in really good
condition.  The car jack and rarely used spare mini tire is in with the car
as well.  Engine has an oil and filter change every 3000 miles.  I also have
a rarely used full sized tire as a spare for an extra $25.00.

Serious inquiries only.

William Mahler