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Re: call me crazy, but...

Eh? My bro's 1977 Volvo Wagon (non-Turbo) has often pulled another Volvo
Wagon behind it... on an 800 pound trailer! I'm sure the A6QW has more
power than the Volvo.

Elliott Potter wrote:

> Andrew Duane USG wrote:
> >
> > Hairy green toads from Mars made c a l i b a n say:
> >
> > Agreed, but it seems ironic that a little turbo "sports" car
> > (let's not get too deeply into that word) would handle this
> > but the big "family" car (or too deeply into that one either)
> > won't handle it.
> >
> > Just found it amusing.
> Perhaps, but keep in mind that the A6QW (big heavy car) is really
> underpowered for that sort of thing...you'd never make it up a hill.
> The little turbo sports car has enough power to haul that sort of
> thing..........
> --
> Elliott
> There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."