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Re: VR6

Perry, Chris writes:
> Yeah, I'll probably just do the 10v turbo transplant but, call me a
> masochist, I think a VR6 90q would be a fun project. Personally I think the
> VR6 is way cooler than the 12v Audi v6 and it seems there are more
> performance mods for it.

The VR6 VW cars feel snappier than Audis with the 12V V6 only because
the VWs are lighter cars.  Both engines produce 172hp in stock form,
but the Audi makes more torque and more of it is available at lower RPMs.
Part of this is probably because the Audi V6 has the dual-path intake
manifold that optimizes for a wider power band.  *If all else were equal*
the Audi engine would no doubt be quicker.  But this is a moot point, as
the VR6 is really designed for transverse applications and the Audi for
longitudinal and not at all interchangeable.

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