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Subject: Re: TONS of audis...

I think there are quite a few Audis in Seattle. In the Juanita(Kirkland)
area, I know of  at least four quattros within a 2/3 mile radius of my
house. I have also seen three different 5k avants which cruise around our
neighborhood, in addition to mine. 

Of the many sightings I had today, the memorable ones were: the lowered
nice looking RED A4q I see everyday next to where I work (near Lake Union),
a white S4 or S6 parked in front of the Adriatica restaurant, and
unfortunately a broken down 90S on the I-5 express lanes this morning.

Chauncey Kuo
Kirkland, WA
1985 5KS avant, 157,000 miles
1984 VW Scirocco, 167,000 miles

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 12:13:48 EST
From: PlyBoyDoct@aol.com
Subject: Re: TONS of audis...

Wow, you guys are lucky,  I am luck to see a Audi A4 or an A6 sometimes.  I
only seen a Audi 200 20v once in the 4 years that I lived in Seattle.  (it
a girl and she kicked my ass on I-90)  As for 5k or 4k or the 90s?  yea
Maybe I see one or two of them a week(sometimes the same one).  Only saw 3
Audi 200 in Seattle...Maybe I just don't see them hiding in between all the
Hondas and the Toyotas.  Not a popular car here, and only have 2 Audi
in the Area and they don't just SELL AUDI's,(ie, BMW, Jag, etc etc.)  So
me trying to find a 20v turbo of anything here is impossible, but they are
definally cheaper here...=), cuz no one wants them....=)

Jason C
Audi 200t10v
Redmond WA
Home of that Rich guy