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Re: TONS of audis...

	honestly, i think there are tons and tons, even out in
	the 'burbs.  they were everywhere when i grew up, and
	that was in those same 'burbs.  i think there are a 
	lot imported to here and a lot of people buy and drive 
	european imports.

	my office is five floors up, looking out at the elevated
	section of 1-80, approaching the bay bridge, it's about
	100 yards from my desk.  i tend to gaze out the window
	while i am on the fone.  in the space of a minute ot
	two this afternoon, out on 80 i saw 2 a6w's, 2 a4's,
	a white coupe gt and an 80 or 90.  usually between parking
	my bike and walking to my building i see about two parked 
	and one or two driving...

On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Scott Wood wrote:

]Considering the population in the Bay area, I think the density in Park
]City sounds much greater.  I wonder how many one might see in a day in a
]place, say, about the size of San Ramon.  It's always fun being somewhere
]with a lot of the cars you like around...
]Scott Wood
]1990 CQ
]Charlotte, NC
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]> Subject: Re: TONS of audis...
]> Date: Thursday, March 11, 1999 4:07 AM
]> 	here in san francisco, on a typical day, i can easily 
]> 	count at least 25.  there's about 6 on my 12 minute
]> 	commute to work, not counting the ones at royal motors.
]> 	there are three coupes that regularly park in neighborhoods
]> On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Anand Dhanda wrote:
]> ]Sorry for the WOB but while skiing in Park City/Deer Valley, UT I
]> ]TONS of audis.... WOW! I never thought that audis were so popular. in
]> ]days I spotted 47 AUdis on the road and another 100+ at a single
]> ]One that caught my eye was a UR-q (pretty sure) that drove by us on
]> ]night around 7:20ish PM. It was on the road towards Main St. in Park

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