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Re: Strut bearing compatibility...4kq+80q

On Thu, 11 Mar 1999 dclose@tcadvertising.com wrote:

> Does anyone know if 4kq strut bearings will fit on an '88 80q? My supplier
> _thinks_ they'll fit and has them in stock. Anyone know for sure? Thanks.

That depends.  Do you have one or two-piece struts?  If you have one-piece
(bearing housing and shock housing are one unit) in the rear of the car
the 4kq rear wheel bearings (SKF # 633-791 or Audi PN 443-407-625) will be
compatible.  However, if you have two-piece struts the bearings are
smaller... Note: no 4kq's came w/ 2-piece struts.
Also, 5-cylinder 90's only came with 2-piece struts (says Bentley and by
only one  PN  listing for front bearing).


Brendan Rudack 
'98 A4tq 
'88 90q 2B tq pro-rally ride
'85 4kq
Fenton, Michigan