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RE: tons of audis

there is one Audi Dealer in MD that sells both Audi and BMW in the same
showroom, Tischer Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche ( www.tischer.com ).

Anand Dhanda
A.K.A. Technik
'98.5 A4 2.8QMS

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>Wow, you guys are lucky,  I am luck to see a Audi A4 or an A6
>sometimes.  I
>only seen a Audi 200 20v once in the 4 years that I lived in >Seattle.
(it was
>a girl and she kicked my ass on I-90)  As for 5k or 4k or the 90s?
>yea right?
>Maybe I see one or two of them a week(sometimes the same one).  Only
>saw 3
>Audi 200 in Seattle...Maybe I just don't see them hiding in between
>all the
>Hondas and the Toyotas.  Not a popular car here, and only have 2 >Audi
>in the Area and they don't just SELL AUDI's,(ie, BMW, Jag, etc >etc.)
So for
>me trying to find a 20v turbo of anything here is impossible, but >they
>definally cheaper here...=), cuz no one wants them....=)Jason CAudi
>>Redmond WAHome of that Rich guy

Huh?? One week in the Seattle Times about a month ago there were 5 S4s
for sale, and two 91 200Q (one was in the paper for about 2 months
@$8900, I think it must have had problems).  I see several 5000s and
4000s, 90s, and a couple V8s most days if I'm looking, A4s and A6s
everywhere.  I see an '86 5KTQ and a '91 200Q everyday, (no wait those
are mine and my brother's).  Of course the Eastside is so congested with
M3s it's hard to get around.  I can't agree with the price thing either,
except maybe on non-quattros. With, what was it 89 days?, of rain from
Nov 1 to Feb 28 and a 300"+ ski base at Baker and on the way to over
1200" of snow for the year, quattro certainly demands a premium.
Yeah...no one wants them. I think a reality check that with probably
only about 700-800 91 200q left, your not going to see as many in your
neighborhood as the literally millions of Toyotas and Hondas.  BTW,
which Audi dealer sells BMWs?
-Matt Martinsen
Seattle, WA
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