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Re: fuse box upgrade

In a message dated 99-03-11 22:03:18 EST, human@nh.ultranet.com writes:

<< I may try to do this in a few months; so I'm looking for hints and tips
 from those who have btdt.  This of course means putting the underhood
 fusebox in a car that came with the underdash version.  I presume it
 basically involves cutting a hole and splicing about 100 wires?

I'm going to play that game with my ur-q when I redo the motor. My preference
is to change out the entire harness Vs splicing in a box. You've got three
different harness' to deal with, the tail(easy), dash, and engine bay. Then
you've updated to late factory spec and still retain OEM diagnostic
capability. I'll just have to have somebody steady my wrist while I make the
first cut into the cowl/firewall! 

I think Steve Eiche's in the middle of this process, maybe he'll comment on
the ease of process so far.

Chris Semple
'83 ur-q w/blown motor