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Re: Euro-Audi import

>Here's something to think about.  I just found out that, now that I have a
>foreign passport, I can ship a Euro-spec. car (say, the new S4) to the
>States and drive it for a year (with possible extensions) without worrying
>about meeting DOT spec. requirements.

Hmmm, and so do I: I have a red passport and a green card (pun
A friend of mine from Russia phoned up a week ago and sed:

-What is an Audi S4, '94 m/y? It looks like the model in-between your
200 and a new A6 with the ugly round a$$. There's one for sale for $12k
on a used lot near me.

Me, speechless, choking on my espresso...Damn!

And that's a true German-spec vehicle, mind you, for half-price of the
castrated USA-spec one.
I wonder how much would shipping and sea insurance cost.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros