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Porsche, Audi driver mag, & Autozone

Talking to Bruce the other night and found out that Porsche is going after
(again) a large number of internet sites that are using their name.  Should
help boost sales. :)

Jan/Feb. issue of Audi driver, has a good article on Dialynx's new Sport Q
that they aquired from a fellow who put ~30,000 miles a year on it.  Daily
driver, used to tow his S1 Q to hillclimb events.  Audi refused to sell him
a towbar for it, so he built one himself.  Blew a headgasket 8years ago
with 126,000 on the odo and has sat ever since.

After asking for a fuel filter in Autozone for the tqw, girl at the counter
asked, "who makes that?" ME: Uhhhhh, that is the company, Audi.  HER:
Starts with an O right? ME: Noooo, A-u-d-i.  HER: Huh, you learn something
everyday.    Must have been the daughter of the woman at the Audi
dealership that swore up and down that the 89 200tqw came (in the US) with
the 20vt.