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Re: Porsche, Audi driver mag, & Autozone

> Talking to Bruce the other night and found out that Porsche is going after
> (again) a large number of internet sites that are using their name.  Should
> help boost sales. :)

This is a very large concern of mine folks, and one reason why the new
site is not yet running (time and money being the other one).

VW has also sent some nasty letters via their legal arm to several 
sites.  The issue in all the cases seems to be trademark - they don't
want you to use their name or their logo in any shape or form.

BMW seems to have a much better view of things, as the BMW motorcycle
list got permission to use the BMW logo and name in a modified form
years ago.  BMW even "unofficially" contributes to the list with
both replies and money in some cases, such as when a couple of people
had bad crashes.

I've been in contact with a rep at Audi about the name "audifans.com".
They can't seem to give me a straight answer as to whether or not it
will be OK.  At the same time, sites like vwvortex.com, a4.org
(who have also registered audiworld.com, that one's never going to
fly) are in the same boat.

As a catchall, I've registered another name that is not brand-specific
and would apply to all automobiles.  I've even thought about leaving
my job and trying to make the site work on a large scale.
I'll keep you posted if that happens.  One concern for me is the lack
of identity - "audifans" tells you right away what it's about, but
the other name, being more generic, does not.

If I want to keep the name Audi-specific, but non-trademarked,
I have two choices - 4rings.org or vier.org (vier is german for
4, get it?)

Send me your feedback on the matter - I want to get some other ideas
before I move forward.  I don't want to be in the position of
another list owner (or two) who have some costly legal battles on
their hands, simply because they chose to help a car company
promote their products.

Hmm, maybe I'll use "unintendedacceleration.com" - they would
positively LOVE that.

| Dan |
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