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Re: Headlight Hype? or Facts

Despite any irrefutable scientific evidence, I'm going to add a
dissenting opinion--when I replaced the 55/60W bulbs in my 90 with
80/100W bulbs, I got a noticeable difference.  It still lights up the
same tiny patch of road, but it does a much better job--it also does a
better job of lighting up the side of the road.

Just my $.02 worth of lighter fluid :)

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

Huw Powell wrote:
> > Due to a night emergency and a friendly reminder by the local gendarme, I
> > installed an 80/100 H4 motorcycle bulb from the local chain auto parts store.
> > You wonder why this one, well it was the closet match to the 85/110w PIAA bulb
> > in the other Euro headlight.  Guess what.  There is no appreciable difference
> > between them, at least sitting inside looking out with my uncalibrated
> > eyeballs.
> The diff between a 80/100 and 55/60 bulb is only just discernable.  I
> think light works a bit like sound, you have to quadruple the power to
> get double the perceived effect.  85/110 is pretty much the same as
> 80/100, really.  A camera's light meter wouldn't be able to tell them
> apart for sure.  (or is that "fer shure"?)
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