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For years now  it has been known that Shokan was sending guys to
auctions all over the country to buy up wrecked and insurance repros.
Now that they have a deal with AOA I wondered what they were doing with
all these newer A4's, etc. Fears have been confirmed. They are shipping
them out of the US. Mostly middle eastern countries. What a great deal
for AOA! Dealers do not have to worry about reselling the car. They will
get their price. Simple economics, the law of supply and demand. AOA
keeps the supply here low and the demand, by buyers like us very high.
No wonder the prices I see in the newspapers continue to be eye poppers.

Thanks for letting me rank. Thought it was time to start looking for a
newer model, but I guess I'm staying with my true love for a few more

Len F
'87 CSTQ5000-122,000 - looks and rides great