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Re: fuse box upgrade

> OK, I'll bite.  The conversion on an early Coupe GT would be pretty straight
> forward.  You would want to get ALL the harnesses from an '84-'86  Coupe GT
> wreck though, otherwise the amount of time you spend matching wires would
> greatly offset the amount of time to remove them from a wreck and installing
> them in the early car.  Be advised that this requires the removal of the dash,
> carpet and ideally heater box to route everything properly.

I don't buy the time logic here.  let's assume three minutes per wire -
after the fusebox is hacked out... that's to match two diagrams, and
splice.  there's about 100 wires going to the '82 fusebox, some are just
jumpers or not used but my spreadsheet has 90 something lines... at 5
minutes per that's 5 hours to do the splicing.  How long do you really
think it takes to pull the parts you list above on *two* cars and
replace them?

Your point is still valid for a frame up restoration, of course.  It
would be desirable in that case.  You're still gonna have to change a
few wire terminations though.
> As to placement of the fusebox, you first need to remove the original bracket
> for the fuse box, then cut the hole for the newer fuse panel.  You will also
> need to weld in the brackets for relay panel.

removing those old brackets could be fun with the wires still in there. 
good point.

the 82 coupe wouldn;t need a relay panel, there just aren't that many
relays to worry about.  Anyway, forewarned, it might make sense to
install one anyway.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT