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Re: CGT fender, hood etc.

At 11:20 AM 3/12/99 -0500, Greg Herrmann wrote:
>I need a right fender  and hood for my 'new' 86 CGT.  Are these parts
>interchangeable with the 4k?  Also, the trim bezel that goes above the r/h
>headlight is missing.  Does anyone have a part# for this.  The left side has
>two p.n.# on it: 857 853 835A and 811 855 835D.  I'm not sure why there are
>2 #'s.  I need the p.n.# for the upper head light adjuster that slides into
>the glass assembly.

HINT: usually when there is a mirrored pair of parts on an audi, they will
have the same part numbers except for the last numerical digit.
this digit will typically be consecutive with the left side using the odd
number and the right using the even number.
based on this i would look for 857 853 836(A?) or  811 855 836(D?)
the letter at the end may have changed if the part was revised.
while there are exceptions, normally the first 3 digits will indicate the
chassis or model, the next 3 digits usually indicates a subsystem or
functional group of parts.