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Re: Abs Sen-sore (subject)

Yeah i put the caps on it and as soon as i would drive out of the driveway the
abs light would come on. I took the caps off then put them in all the way, and
backed them out a bit, it seemed to work better, but it still had a light abs
working at the end of a brake (1-5mph).
I was messing with them again put the caps back on then it was back to they way
it was when i first started having the problem.  then I was testing it and it
seemed that the tires were braking at different pressures. causing the car to
move a little side to side(scary)
I just want it fixed or scrap it all together.  Besides this is the first car
that I have owned that has ABS anyway!
"Buchholz, Steven" wrote:

> I say go for it!  It should be as simple as pulling up the back seat and
> pulling the connector off the ABS controller ... you might be able to make
> it happen by pulling a particular fuse (S15 comes to mind).
> I've been meaning to respond to you on your problem, but haven't had a
> chance to date ... were you the one who had the ABS OFF light come on every
> once in a while when driving?
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
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>         From:  Dan Hamren [SMTP:dan@magnitude-electronics.com]
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>         Subject:  Abs Sen-sore (subject)
>         Ok so what If I just want to say "Screw the ABS"  I think I would
> like
>         the braking better without, and I do!   What can I do to dis-able
> the
>         ABS system?  And what are your opinions about doing such a thing.
>         Dan Hamren
>         1987 5000 csqw