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Re: Porsche, Audi driver mag, & Autozone

> > If I want to keep the name Audi-specific, but non-trademarked,
> > I have two choices - 4rings.org or vier.org (vier is german for
> > 4, get it?)
> How about "owdifans.com" or "owdeefans.com", sounds the same, but not spelled
> the same, therefore no trademark infringement.

Well, if it was VW, one could do the German pronounciation -
fauweh.org, or, better, unless you're a complete believer,
auweh.org :)

(In case Phil isn't around to explain this one, it means "Oh dear",
and, in a car context, is usually understood to 
refer to fau-weh.)

What about innie.org (stupid) or raudi.org (while a slick way to avoid
*and* include the word, it may also send the wrong message)?