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Re: 87 5000 CS Quattro Clutch pedal dropping?

At 08:38 PM 3/12/99 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>> Can you be more specific (if you know) which hydraulic line was bad? I
>> it was the rubber one which goes from the firewall to the slave?
>When I ordered the clutch master cylinder for the ur-quattro, the parts
>guy automatically added the rubber hose - just like the crush washer with
>the oil filter.

while i endorse the replacement concept, he would have been adding a $66
(+/-) part (msrp in the us) without saying a word!
btw at this point you may as well spend another $5 and get new rubber
grommets and bushings for the clutch line.

for my 86 tqw  (part no, msrp, description):
431 721 465  $66   rubber hose between clutch master and slave cyls
444 721 495  $2.30 grommet for hard line through firewall
431 721 489  $2    rubber bushing to stabilize hard line/clutch hose