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Re: CORRECTION: oversteer

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.990312204556.586A-100000@localhost> Carlyle Fitzgerald writes:

> And, a non-audi question:  I've recently switched to Linux and am using
> Pine for e-mail.  Does anyone know why my "To" field is showing up in the
> subject header?

Pine is clever.  I use KA9Q (a DOS package) and it does the same thing.

Don't worry - it seems everybody else sees your 'From:' header data,
but Pine (and KA9Q) recognise when 'From:' points back to you.  Since
there's no point telling you that you sent your own message, it tells
you who you sent it to.  Threw me for about a year.

 Phil Payne
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