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Re: I5 idler roller removal

>> I use a large pry bar, made by Mac Tools, I believe.  It's about 2 foot
>> The business end is hammered flat like a brick chisel, about 1 inch wide,
>> has a 30 deg. bend about 1 inch up from that.  Slide flat end under and
>> slight lever pressure work it right out.  They have always come out VERY
>> easily.  I couldn't believe they even made a puller for that!
>OK.  As well as a car workshop, I also have a bricklayers and plasterers
>workshop.  There are _lots_ of strong, flat metal tools in there.

A "WonderBar" or flatbar. Used extensively for levering (careful, watch the
arris!) sandstone into place on the Parliament Buildings, and the Victoria
Memorial Museum in Ottawa, by myself and others.
Made by Stanley, various lengths.

Every shop should have one.

Stephen Bigelow
e-commerce/ Business Development
IBO # 823967