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Ur quattro questions

Subject - 1988 MB engined Ur quattro.

Vacuum hose fitted between the warm-up regulator and the inlet manifold.
Hose is something like 3/16 or 1/4 inch id, inlet manifold take-off is more
like 3/8 od. On my engine the union between the hose and the inlet manifold
has been achieved by sleeving the hose into a short piece of larger diameter
hose (Audi part #049 133 335 A marked on it) and the larger hose is fitted
to the manifold. The whole setup looks jury-rigged to my eye. How should
this hose be fitted?

Starter motor.
I fitted a new starter just over a year ago, the old one had a heat shield
(alloy foil & fibreglass) wrapped around the solenoid which I transferred to
the new starter. Does this heat shield need to be in place? What is its
purpose - to extend solenoid life?

Just curious

Jim Haseltine