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Re: Soul for sale...

The Skyline 400R is the car almost ALL of us "asian" honda, and Acura dream
about.  A few years back when SKYLINE was not allowed to the US market, people
tried to get it in the US by chopping it up and assembling here inthe US.  I
think there is 2 in the LA area.  
The car (to my knowledge) wasn't allowed to the US market because it was way
too dangerous to own.  YOur can our a few  hundred dollars into the car and it
can get faster than any patrol car.  The car itself has too much potential.
The engine is extremely tuned down to about 280 HPs and can easily be tuned up
to 800HP and with a few more bucks to 1000HP(Please keep in mind this is a 6
cylinder car).  Not something the US govt likes to see in our street.  $78,000
is extremely cheap for a car with this much potential.  Dono't get me wrong,
I'm a still a loyal Audi fan and always will be.  But if I pull up besides one
at a red light, I am sure I am not going to be able to see the front end of
the car (Even in a S-car).  ::Flips the switch back from Nissan to Audi::

Jason C
Audi 200 - Soon to be GFs car.
S6 coming soon
Redmond WA
Home of my friend Bill