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Re: Soul for sale...

>  For me it is the 308 Ferrari.  Its a good thing, because I'm not as heart 
>  broken as some folks are since my object of desire is somewhat 
>  reachable.  With 308 prices in the 20's it is quite conceivable that 
>  someday in the not-too-distant future, I could own one.

Until yesterday, the 308 GTBi -- real cars have real roofs! -- was at the top
of my wish list, with perhaps the 348 in second place.  They do pop up for
sale in the low-to-mid '20s from time to time and as Graydon knows, I've
threatened on several occasions to hock everything I own to buy one.  Now it
sounds like I will not only need to hock everything I own but borrow a ton as
well ... frankly, even if the R34 GT-R does make it stateside, $78k is beyond
my reach at the moment.  Not impossibly beyond my reach only impractically so
... in a few years, though, who knows?
>  The thing that bothers me a little is that the car is not nearly as good 
>  a sportscar as, say an RX7 twin turbo, which can be had for little more 
>  than 10 grand.  I think that the 308 would please me most walking to and 
>  from it.  The car is sooooo beautiful.  Oh yeah, it also is music to the 
>  ears.  :-)

Agreed.  There's a racing GT2 308 in town that sounds absolutely gorgeous on
the track ... last time I heard it, I was sorry that I'd chosen to bring a
camera instead of a tape recorder.

Reflecting further upon last night, I wonder what it's like to have been the
driver of the Skyline with some nut like me chasing after you?  At one point,
thanks to some bumper-to-bumper traffic, I ended up five cars ahead of  the
Skyline in another lane.  I tried slowing down so he could catch up but after
annoying all of the drivers in the cars behind me who were oblivious to what
was in the next lane over, I eventually pulled onto the shoulder and let them
pass.  I ended up driving alongside the Skyline for a few hundred feet, with
him on the road and me on the shoulder, both us doing perhaps 5 mph, until I
could fall in behind.  I clearly got the impression the driver was doing his
best to ignore me since he didn't even turn his head when I was alongside ...
on the one hand, he's got to be at least a little tickled that the car he was
driving wasn't going unnoticed but on the other hand, he probably figured I'd
do something stupid and race him, which usually isn't such a hot idea on
public streets and probably frowned up by his employer to boot, whoever that
might be.  Still, I'm sure he had a smile on his face...