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Re: Audi Coupe Lighting

I'm sorry I can't share any thoughts WRT the lights. But the comment on shifting:
I respectfully admit that I have no idea what a 91 CQ is geared like... but if
it's anything like what I'm used to (10vt) *relaxed* 1-3-5 shifting would be
impossible! To wind 1st high enough not to lug 3rd (esp. with the low-torque 20v)
would be a scream session- and since I never use 5th under 65mph, ditto for the
3-5 shift, in my case. YMMV, indeed- as for minimizing clutch *use*: my 5k
apparently has the original clutch at 192k- how much more wear do you need?

Strictly my .02,

Christopher Gharibo wrote:

> I have a '91 Audi Coupe Quattro at 53k miles.
> My driver side headlight bulb burned out. I was considering doing the 9004 to
> 9007 bulb upgrade as recommended on the 20V site. Does this modification have
> any damaging effects? What are the advantages?
> Also, what do the list members feel about 1-3-5 shifting to minimize clutch
> use during relaxed driving?
> Thanks.
> Chris
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