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Subject: Interior light relay V8 Quattro

Keith Padgalskas wrote:
Thanks to Mike LaRosa I have access to a manual. However, unless you know
what you are looking for,and what it is called, its hard to utilize the
manual. The problem is this: the interior lights won't shut off when the
doors are closed unless the light switches are in the off position. If they
are in the position that would normally result in the interior lights
shutting off after a short delay, they stay on forever. I assume there is a
delay switch somewhere that has worn out. Anybody know where it is located,
what its called and how to fix it? Thanks in advance. 

BTW, rear caliper rebuild kits are available for the rear caliper packaged
by Autospecialty of Carson, California. I got them from my local parts house
for $16 for both sides. It pays to shop for Audi parts.
Keith: I think it is more likely that one of the "door ajar" switches is
broken or misadjusted.  Easy way to check:  remove them, one at a time, and
jumper the wires.  When the light goes off, you've found the correct one.  I
think there's a delay before it shuts off...

Could you post more details on the caliper rebuilt kit source?  What's
included, any contact info, brand?
thanks, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com